Case Study: Florida Roofer Gets 328%+ More Calls Within 30 Days


Campaign Brief

Ryan, the Owner of Paradise General Contracting in Florida, started working with us in March, 2022. 

During our initial conversations, Ryan voice his concern about receiving poor quality leads and not having a steady flow of incoming calls that he can convert into estimates, without breaking the bank. Ryan was considering other pay-per-lead providers at the time but was not able to commit to any provider because he did not want to pay for shared leads, or over-pay for an agency to handle his leads.

Following our recommendation, Ryan decided to shift his marketing & sales focus on pay-per-call lead generation utilizing Google.

Initial Performance Review

Before working with My Local Ads – Ryan was spending up to $8,000/ per month (includes marketing service fees & advertising budget) with another marketing provider while hardly seeing any results. Upon request, Ryan was not able to provide a clear break-down of all the leads he had generated over the past 30 days, without contacting his provider. 

Ryan’s best guess of how many leads per month he was receiving at the time, was about ~25 leads per month, mixed between website form fill leads and phone call leads. Ryan closed about 1 lead per month into a sale on average. He’d also experienced months prior with 0 sales conversions.

Previous Campaign Stats:

  1. Total Monthly Marketing Budget Including Service Fee: $8,000/ per Month
  2. Monthly Leads: ~25 Leads
  3. Total Cost Per Lead: $320
  4. Total Sales Per Month: ~1
  5. Estimated Lead-To-Sales Conversion Rate: 4% (these are actual sales, not estimates)

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After Working With My Local Ads

After Ryan’s My Local Ads setup was completed (within 3 days) – our team managed to generate 107 qualified phone call leads for Ryan, in a 30 day timeframe (April – May). Ryan managed to close 15 of these leads into new Roofing jobs. 

We launched Ryan’s Ads with Google’s newest pay-per-call Ad platform, to make sure that Ryan doesn’t continue wasting Ad Budgets on ‘pay-per-click Ads’, SEO, Shared-Leads or similar, without seeing any return

Since My Local Ads leads are refundable, our team was able to help Ryan dispute 41 ‘bad leads’ (e.g. predominantly call inquiries for services/jobs that Ryan wasn’t able or willing to complete, such as small ticket gutter repairs), while his Ads were live.

Automatically disputing leads while allowing Ryan to focus on converting the best-fit leads for his business, further improved the cost effectiveness and performance of his pay-per-call campaign. On top, Ryan did not have to waste time handling or chasing down his own leads, instead, most phone calls turned seamlessly into booked estimates, and then sales.

New Campaign Stats:

  1. Timeframe: April 23rd – May 23rd, 2022
  2. Total Monthly Marketing Budget Including Service Fee: $3,819.19/ per Month
  3. Monthly Leads: 66 Undisputed Phone Call Leads
  4. Total Cost Per Lead: $57.8
  5. Total Sales Per Month: 15
  6. Estimated Lead-To-Sales Conversion Rate: 23% (these are actual sales, not estimates)

Overall Improvement:

  1.  Budget & Lead Efficiency: Leveraging less than 53% of Ryan’s previous monthly marketing budget, Ryan was able to generate up to 328%+ more leads (from 25 to 66 undisputed leads) after working with My Local Ads. Ryan is already committed to increasing his current monthly spend with My Local Ads, to what he spent prior ($8,000 per month).
  2.  Cost Per Lead Acquisition: We managed to improve Ryan’s cost per lead from $320 per lead to $57.8 per lead, which is an 81.9% reduction in cost.
  3. Lead Quality: Ryan was able to close 15 new jobs that month, which increases his sales conversion rate from 4% to 23%, which is a 475% performance increase in sales conversions.

30-Day Performance Review

30-Day Performance Total Leads Sales Conversion Rate Total Jobs Sold
Prior Provider
My Local Ads
66 (Undisputed)
Rate Of Improvement

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